Yoga of Undoing classes-

Starting January 12th 2021 - Introducing Tuesday morning class .

Tuesday 9 am -10 am + Thursday 9 am -10 am  -

email yogaofundoing@gmail.com  to attend

Please click on this link on Thursday at 8.55 am Mountain Time-  Zoom join meeting link :https://zoom.us/j/64020580


Classes are $20 or sliding scale  -Please transfer payment  via paypal (nkoukou@gmail.com) -or venmo me (@nicole-setty) .



Guided Body Centered Meditations -

Join us on Mondays , Wednesday and Thursdays at 5.30 pm MT - 7.30 pm ET for a 30 minute meditation on zoom meeting ID 515-383-786  - There will be a few minutes of guidance followed by 20 mins of silence.

Set yourself up in a comfortable seated position or lying down on a mat and switch off all other devices. We will end at 5 pm MT when you can leave the meeting or I will stay on for any shares or feedback. To subscribe write to yogaofundoing@gmail.com

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Mental + Emotional Stability, Wellness + Resilience Bunker Series

Actionable Intelligence© 

with the We Are Human© practice of Personal + Professional Development

                                                        Thursday January 28 from 9:00a-10:45am PT

The Face of Displacement: From Separation to Connectedness , Embodying, Belonging, Dignity + Safety

This bunker is for anyone who has experienced a transformation of individual identity, either from immigration or from another form of displacement, such as a job loss, divorce, homelessness, or illness. We’ll explore the Cognitive, Somatic, and Spiritual facets of Displacement and provide a safe space to share your personal experiences.  Please join our community to learn,listen, embody and share the following:

• The Basic Psychological Elements of Displacement: 
o Learn about Reality Constancy and what we all need to feel secure and at home in an environment.
• Mindfulness + Motivational Movement + Reflection Practice
o Embody the story of human need for safety, belonging and dignity.
• Small Group Breakout Sessions + Large Group Discussions
o Discuss personal experiences and tools to realize the power of human potential and resilience.
• Cultivation and Understanding of Displacement as a tool for change
o Explore how feelings and thoughts interact to pave the way for effective decision making.  Learn through inspirational evidence, experience and feedback.
• Toolkit for change
o Gain information and knowledge on how to achieve a greater sense of safety, belonging and dignity. 


To join, please register here: 


This course is a great gift for a friend or someone in need of support. 

SPECIAL SLIDING RATE: Pay what you can from $25-$40 per person.  Payable with Venmo or PayPal @Leili-Eghbal  

Please register first and then make payment.

The Facilitators:

Mamak Nourbaksh: Clinical Psychologist, Psychosocial Immigration and Displacement Expert

Nicole Setty Koukou: Somatic Coach, Yoga of Undoing Instructor, Death Doula

Leili Eghbal: Founder, Community School for Human Arts, Workforce Accountability + Productivity Mentor, We Are Human© Social + Vocational Development Creator