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Purchase 5 Week Video series-

Intro to the Yoga of UnDoing and the legacy of Vanda Scaravelli -

This purchase includes: 5 x 30-40 m videos on the following topics.


Week 1- Intro to Scaravelli inspired yoga - Opening the back body.

Week 2- The Joints -

Week 3- Gravity and our relationship to it. 

Week 4- Unburdening the Breath

Week 5- Finding Integration .

Cost -

$100 for the whole series

or $30 per class.

Testimonials for videos:

"- I thought your instruction was very clear and on-point with all of the steps our bodies journey through.  I liked to watch you move into the posture first, then rewind the video and join you in it with the instruction. So I had both the visual and audio guides.

- Lots of yummy deep explorations in these videos. "

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