Yoga of Undoing classes-

Starting January 12th 2021 - Introducing Tuesday morning class .

Tuesday 9 am -10 am + Thursday 9 am -10 am  -

email yogaofundoing@gmail.com  to attend

Please click on this link on Tuesdays and Thursday at 8.55 am Mountain Time-  Zoom join meeting link :https://zoom.us/j/64020580


Classes are $20 or sliding scale  -Please transfer payment  via paypal (nkoukou@gmail.com) -or venmo me (@nicole-setty) .



Guided Body Centered Meditations -

Join us on Mondays , Wednesday and Thursdays at 5.30 pm MT - 7.30 pm ET for a 30 minute meditation on zoom meeting ID 515-383-786  - There will be a few minutes of guidance followed by 20 mins of silence.

Set yourself up in a comfortable seated position or lying down on a mat and switch off all other devices. We will end at 5 pm MT when you can leave the meeting or I will stay on for any shares or feedback. To subscribe write to yogaofundoing@gmail.com

This is by Donation -


Instagram:  yoga_of_undoing

From Rubble to Reconstruction:

Pathways to Peace and Progress During A Pandemic


As we mark one year since the lockdown, we wish to provide support for deeper work around inviting a renewed sense of personal power, well-being and resilience from what has been dismantled over the last year and re-building and welcoming hope and joy back into our lives.


Day 1: The Rubble.  We’ll mine the miracles amidst the rubble and reflect on what we have lost, newfound discoveries, and identify the valuable “unearthed gems” shining forth from the rubble, that we wish to keep. The day will include meditation, contemplative exercises, journaling, breakout sessions and embodiment practices.


Day 2: The Reconstruction. With guided discovery and artistic expression, we’ll look at what has been dismantled and what new insights and building blocks we now have in front of us.  By empowering our gifts, strengths, capabilities and resilience, we’ll explore the creation of new solutions and pathways towards personal and collective progress. The day will include meditation, lecturettes on decision-making and resonance, a mark-making practice, breakout sessions and storytelling.

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To join, please connect here:


Meeting ID: 871 6634 1521 Passcode: Bunker2021

This weekend bunker is a great gift to yourself, a friend or someone in need of support. SPECIAL SLIDING RATE: Pay what you can from $40-$80 per person.  Payable with Venmo or PayPal @Leili-Eghbal  Please register first and then make payment.


The Facilitators:

Shelley Kappel, DDS: Wellbeing Coach, Dialogue Partner and Change Agent

Nicole Setty Koukou: Somatic Coach, Yoga of Undoing Instructor, Death Doula

Dove Weissman-Shtein MEd: Creativity and Mindfulness Mentor

Leili Eghbal: Founder, Community School for Human Arts, Workforce Accountability + Productivity Mentor, We Are Human© Social + Vocational Journey + Toolkit Creator