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Nicole uses various tools including Brainspotting ( BSP)  , Embodiment Practices and the Yoga of UnDoing to develop your capacity to hone in, pay attention, get present , build resilience and take action from listening  to the body.

Brainspotting is a tool that reframes our perception and activates the brain and the bodies' innate healing ability . It accesses information that's located in a part of the brain that can't be accessed verbally producing positive results in a relatively short period of time. 


Brainspotting can release and break the cycle of symptoms or issues so they can recede into the past.  BSP can reduce negative and irrational beliefs, greater resilience, improve coping skills and ability to handle stress .

Brainspotting is used in improving performance in sports and enhancing creativity for those involved in the creative arts. BSP uses bilateral sound to engage the brain and facilitate processing.

For Inquiries or phone 720 244 4703.

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