“Listen - are you breathing ,  just a little , and calling it a life ? “ Mary Oliver .

 Soma is the Greek word for” Body “- the word Somatic means Cell body -  Somatic Coaching moves the center of learning and decision making  from the head into the body, tapping into our bodies' 3 billion years of evolutionary wisdom.

With so much information overload in our world , our external attention gets scattered and it becomes easy to leave our lived experience of the body behind and stay stuck in our mental body. 


Somatic Coaching  is a body centered approach that builds bridges between the habits in our thinking brains and our forgotten bodies, bringing us present to our bodies' language , enabling shifts in our psychological , emotional and physical experiences of ourselves and our lives.

The body holds the sum total of our histories , our conditioning and our emotional range- These show up in our posture, in the way we speak , in our coping mechanisms , our interpretations and our reactions . Nicole uses Brainspotting as  a tool that allows the deep brain and body to access the  primitive brain where emotional pain and discomfort is held , and which hijacks us and dictates our decision making  based on fear.   Brainspotting can release  symptoms that are typically out of reach of the conscious mind.  It works with the deep brain and the body through its direct access to the primitive brain.


The beauty of Brainspotting is in its simplicity, and in its ability to tap into the genius of the human brain and our nervous systems through the visual field and Biolateral music.

Brainspotting is used for all  types of Trauma, whether physical or emotional , Anxiety, Grief,  Addiction  as well as a variety of other challenging symptoms.

Brainspotting helps ATHLETES and MUSICIANS who may be experiencing unmanageable repeated  performance issues to overcome high anxiety levels that interfere with their performance.



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