As an End of life doula , Nicole provides a sense of safety and companionship  from the moment of recognition that Death is getting close till beyond Death.

She will walk side by side with the client and be a calming, soothing, heart-opening  presence during this vulnerable sacred journey. She provides  clients with an ear ,with space for emotional and spiritual support to navigate the dying process as well as their relationship to it .


She uses body based  practices such as gentle movement, sound , creating sacred space and ritual, visualizations,  adult holding, as well as conversations, poetry, stories  on death ,in service to supporting the individual  with emotional and spiritual resolution..


Nicole  loves giving comfort through feet and hand energetic massages.

Nicole is passionate about restoring Death to its sacred place inside of Life .

She is a Certified Sacred Passage Guide with the Conscious Dying Institute, assists in trainings  and is becoming a Community Death Educator.

She is available onsite, in home, hospital, nursing home visits,.           

Conference and Zoom .


Interview Series with Women Leaders September 2018 Edition featuring Nicole Setty KouKou


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