Meditation Practice- by donation

Join us on Mondays , Wednesday and Thursdays at 5.30 pm MT - 7.30 pm ET for a 30 minute meditation on zoom meeting ID 515-383-786  

To begin there will be a few minutes of guidance followed by 20 mins of silence.

Set yourself up in a comfortable seated position or lying down on a mat and switch off all other devices. We will end at 5 pm MT when you can leave the meeting or I will stay on for any shares or feedback. To subscribe write to

Weekly Yoga of Undoing classes-

                        Thursday 9 am on Zoom - $20 or by Donation. email for zoom  link.


Micro School -  A 12 week course - starts- Sept 15th 2020.

If you are questioning your work or looking to re-imagine yourself and need to find your purpose , find support, accountability and need motivation please join us for this FREE course - co facilitated with Leili Eghbal , Coach and Joanne Dangana, Financial counselor.


Yoga of UnDoing classes on ZOOM -

Some instruction for Zoom video conferencing :

1 minute tutorial that shows you how to join a meeting.


Please click on this link on Thursday at 8.55 am Mountain Time-  Zoom join meeting link :


Please Place your computer about 1 to 2  meters parallel to  your mat on the ground . Please be ready by 9 am and lie down on your back with your feet on the ground and knees in the air. You will all be already muted. ( I will understand if it takes more to make adjusments and to get settled ).


To control whose image is on the big screen , there are 3 dots next to your gallery image . By clicking those you can choose gallery view , or you can pin my video so I can be seen on the main screen .


Classes are $20 -   Please transfer payment if you can via paypal ( -or venmo me (@nicole-setty) so I can know who is attending.

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