The Embodiment Circle Series.

A 5 monthly series exploring and building trust in our bodies intelligence.​

We will be interfacing movement practices with expression, the senses and awareness. We will also delve into journaling,doing ritual, using clay and playfulness.

By joining us, you will get a sense of coming home to your bodies, have more capacity to tune into your direct, felt experience, and view your body as a richer source of information.

You will learn to trust your inbuilt compass, your inner body knowing and use it as a tool towards more of what you want in your life!

You will gain broader perspectives and fresh insights into your decision making in all areas of your life.

You will have more capacity to suspend and get beneath your conceptual mind ,   


An Embodied world is a wiser and kinder  world.


Embodying Trust - Jan 11th

Embodying the senses- Feb 8th .

Embodying Uncertainty- March 14th

Embodying Creativity - April 11th

Embodying Wholeness- May 9th

2 nd Saturday of the month 9.45-12.45 pm -

in North Boulder.

Investment $325 for the 5 series to include 2 private sessions with Nicole !

Register at

Yoga of UnDoing classes -

Thursdays 9 am in North Boulder . Please e-mail Nicole for address -

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Boulder, Colorado 

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