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  • LE
    I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for Nicole and her practice. As a somatic coach, Nicole embodies many of the elements that I deeply name a few; unconditional love, compassion, inclusion and patience, creating a healing space for grounding and so much more. She has supported me in so many ways towards making change and exploring my boundaries during times in my life when I have struggled and felt alone and compromised. I am forever grateful for the gifts that she brings into the world….one of which is the profound resonance of her voice and expression, as well as her ability to listen and to provide constructive feedback Thank you Nicole. You a jewel in the crown of humanity! L.E
  • ER
    I have sampled many yoga offerings and have been looking for something that fits me and my growth- I have finally found it in the Yoga of Undoing- a space to allow my body to remember even miniscule movements of what it came in with- a space to consciously allow the patterns to be seen and adjustments to be made- a space to feel it all so that I remember who I am- E.R
  • SR
    "I have practiced with Nicole and 'Yoga of Undoing’ for years and find it informs and brings depth and awareness to all my movements - walking, dancing and moving on a rocking boat. Especially grateful for Nicole’s steady and consistent guidance during these recent extraordinary times." S.R
  • DWS
    This is a practice of noticing, of paying attention on purpose, with intentionality, and the medium is the body. The undoing is a way to depart from habitual norms. The undoing, welcomes and beckons me to presence within. New pathways are created in the body and the mind and the heart. Bringing compassion and permission as Nicole does so beautifully, creates a space of acceptance in which to re-member through the body. The Undoing brings me to a connected space of wholeness, and then the next move, the next breathe, offers another experience of wholeness. It is a path of peace. DWS
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