This deep, simple and creative path to yoga, based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli is about trusting, listening deeply and allowing the bodies innate intelligence to be revealed so that what arises is spaciousness and a clearer sense of well being. 
"I invite each one of you to bring an attitude of exploration,to allow the pose to unfold at your own pace and to cultivate your own inner rhythm. I use my hands to guide you to find more lightness, spaciousness and possible release."
This more feminine approach to Yoga is not about stretching, muscling or forcing the body into a pose nor about imposing a method.
The focus is not on achieving the glory of the pose but on fine-tuning our attention on the ever-present resource of gravity, the breath and the present moment .
The “Yoga of Undoing” is about releasing habitual patterns of tension.
Poses are not performed, they are deconstructed and undone and are born from intelligence, space, compassion, the breath and the ground.
I support you to refine your attention, to follow all sensation
closely without judgement and to truly experience yourselves as a breathing being.
 I was introduced to this work in 1996 by Alexandra Gray, thank you Tal , and trained as a teacher in London , in 2002 with John Stirk and Sophy Hoare . I have been inspired by Vanda's students including Diane Long, Mary Young  and Sandra Sabatini . I want to thank all the teachers in my lifespan for their grace, their hearts and their dedication .
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