"If you cannot find words to describe it , you are on the right path" -  Goethe.


The Yoga of UnDoing  is not about pushing or muscling our bodies into a pose nor is it about achieving the glory of the  pose ! It is about finding more space internally and externally and letting go of tension and rigidity in the body. It is a non linear attitude because as we move we stay in the not knowing , we stay present to what wants to unfold , to our breath and its aliveness. an observing and an unwinding of unhelpful patterns so that what arises is a feeling of spaciousness.


As a result of this way of practicing , the body wants to naturally reorganize itself by unwiding unhelpful patterns  where the spine and breath are awakened and there is a deeper sense of wellbeing , spaciousness and integration .

Who is it for :The YoU is for those of you who are looking for something that is about being less harsh on the body and yourself, learning to listen and get  curious about the vessel that you inhabit and opening to its innate wisdom and healing capacity. My teaching focuses on the process of meeting yourself where you are and cultivating an easier relationship to your being . I also offer Somatic coaching , including Brainspotting ,helping clients to recognise the link between their body and mind and tapping into its 3 billion years of evolutionary wisdom!anyone who is willing to slow down and listen to the intelligence of the body not as a fragmented system but as one whole interconnected unit and for

anyone who wants to remember the feeling of coming home to their bodies.

Nicole founded the Yoga of UnDoing in 2012 and it is inspired by  the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli..

Poses are not performed, they are deconstructed and undone and are born from intelligence, space, compassion, the breath and the ground.
I support you to refine your attention, to follow sensation closely without judgement and  to truly experience yourselves as a breathing being.

      Vanda Scaravelli


I invite each one of you to bring an attitude of exploration,to allow the pose to unfold at your own pace and to cultivate your own inner rhythm. I use my hands, (when possible) to guide you to find more lightness, spaciousness and possible release.

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