“It is possible to have a different attitude in which a new intelligence not imposed by authority,
        but born from interest, attention and sensibility, will emerge and in which body and mind, fused in one single action, are collaborating together.” Vanda Scaravelli.
Do you feel tight in your body making you feel like you are locked inside?
Do you wish you could feel freer, lighter and more alive within?
Would you like to inhabit your body more fully and live less inside your over active mind ?

​The Yoga of UnDoing is inspired by the lineage of Vanda Scaravelli and Diane Long. This journey is about finding wholeness and integration within the BodyMind. It isn't about pushing or muscling the body into a pose nor is it about achieving the perfect pose. It is about deconstructing the pose through the exploration of our holding patterns and it is about waking up the bodies' innate intelligence. It's about finding connections and space within and letting go of tension and rigidity by relating to the ground that supports you. This unique, subtle, and refreshing practice asks us to stay in the not knowing and to be open to what wants to unfold without imposing ideas so that what arises is a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. In this practice, Nicole uses hands-on to guide you to find more lightness, spaciousness, and release.

What is it for?

The YoU is for those of you who are looking to be less harsh on yourself, you are wanting to listen and get curious about the vessel that you inhabit and want to open to its innate wisdom and healing capacity. My teaching focuses on the process of meeting yourself where you are and cultivating an easier relationship with your being.​I support you to refine your attention, to follow sensation closely without judgment and to experience yourselves as a whole, integrated,  breathing being.

I also offer Somatic coaching, including Brainspotting, helping clients to recognize the link between their body and mind and tapping into the bodies' 3 billion years of evolutionary wisdom! If you are curious and willing to slow down to listen to the intelligence of the body as one whole interconnected unit then this liberating practice is for you.