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However  you are challenged in this life ,  Nicole will provide a safe, gentle  + soothing

container for you to gain more capacity to hold broader perspectives and to learn to welcome

all of your  experience  . The outcome of her approach is one where you as a client feels seen , held

and calmed.  Nicole creates a framework for building  self trust and self  acceptance ultimately

arriving at a place where you can more easily be more loving toward yourself.


Nicole is  certified as an Organic Intelligence® Coach. OI is a trauma-safe

approach to healing that encourages the client’s capacity to experience relief

from trauma by calibrating the nervous system, opening the way to

experiencing more  harmony in a client's life and improving

all relationships.


Nicole is also  certified as a Sacred Passage Guide which supports people

at the end of life . She is the founder of the Yoga of UnDoing, which follows

the lineage of Vanda Scaravelli. In addition to her private practice, Nicole has created and

facilitated dozens of embodiment workshops and programs for those looking to make lasting

and impactful behavioral change.


Nicole lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and loves to hug trees ( see picture!)  She is currently

following her childhood dreams of making a difference in the world by creating safe spaces to

support those in need.

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"I've learned and received so much from you that I can integrate and keep with me....feeling settled, calm and aligned .Thank you so very much for the sessions . They made a real and lasting difference, and gave valuable tools and perspective that I'm using right now".  CRM.

"I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for Nicole and her practice. As a somatic coach, Nicole embodies many of the elements that I deeply name a few; unconditional love, compassion, inclusion and patience, creating a healing space for grounding and so much more. She has supported me in so many ways towards making change and exploring my boundaries during times in my life when I have struggled and felt alone and compromised. I am forever grateful for the gifts that she brings into the world….one of which is the profound resonance of her voice and expression, as well as her ability to listen and to provide constructive feedback Thank you Nicole. You a jewel in the crown of humanity!" L.E

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