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Hello !

Hello ! I was first introduced to my body as a child , when I recall  the freedom I felt climbing trees, playing contact games and finding speed and grace in my body through dance. This was a stark contrast later on when I was immersed inside the harshness of working at a desk and sitting in my car for long hours! Soon I understood that a tight, fearful, contracted mind will likely manifest in a stiff and rigid body .


In 1996 , still living in the UK , I was introduced to Scaravelli Inspired Yoga after many years of  experimenting with different types of yoga- In 2003, I became a Yoga teacher in this lineage and since moving to Boulder Colorado from London I have trained in BodyMind Psychotherapy , have become Certified as an End of Life Doula. I  am also Certified in Theory U and in 20015 I was Certified in Brainspotting , a modality that helps to move stuck energy. Since then I have been on this Embodiment journey through the engagement of Gravity, the Ground and the Spine , unburdening the body , finding expansive awareness of the present moment –  not in the future , not in the past -


Being human can often bring us into conflict with ourselves  which takes us into our heads , tending to leave this essential resource of our bodies behind. The body is always expressing itself and it is sometimes easier not to listen to its messages , especially when the discomfort is too much. My mission and passion is for each of us is to make clearer contact with these intelligent and uniquely alive vessels that we inhabit and recognize the value of being in a body that needs to be respected, tended to and paid close attention to - physically , emotionally  and energetically in order for it to function efficiently and optimally. I wish to help all Bodies reclaim their inner trust and inner freedom.

I  have facilitated workshops on Managing Anxiety and Self –Compassion, using embodiment practices . As an End of Life Doula, I have co-facilitated Grief rituals with the Conscious Dying Institute.

. Since experiencing Scaravelli- Inspired yoga in 1996, the trajectory of my life changed. I learned to allow life to emerge rather than drivemy life from the controlling room ( the mind) and I learned to slow down  thus eventually moving from London in 2005 to Boulder, Colorado where I immersed myself at every opportunity with embodiment teachers who were pioneers in  Body-centered practices.

Nicole is an Unlicensed Psychotherapist , she is certified in Brainspotting ( 2015 ) - She founded the Yoga of Undoing , is a certified End of life Doula and educator, a hospice worker, a certified Circle Talk facilitator and certified in Theory U.

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