Hello !

My name is Nicole Setty Koukou . My passion is to guide and help all Bodies to reclaim inner trust and inner freedom by getting curious about the way the body responds-  there is no separation between the mind and the body - they affect each other.

Originally from the UK, I am a teacher, facilitator and therapist .I have developed

the Yoga of Undoing , which is inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli , the author of Awakening the Spine).


I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 with my  family.

I have a private practice working in somatic therapy, as an "Unlicensed  Psychotherapist" in the state of Colorado.

I am Certified in Brainspotting which is also referenced as a focused mindfulness practice . We find resource “brainspots” to help regulate and calm the nervous systems, using bilateral music. Teaching the client a small amount of psycho- education can be helpful, such as the general functions of our 3 different brains and our fight, flight, freeze mechanism. 


I have facilitated workshops on Managing Anxiety and Self –Compassion, using embodiment practices . As an End of Life Doula, I have co-facilitated Grief rituals with the Conscious Dying Institute.

Being human can often bring us into conflict with ourselves  which takes us into our heads , tending to leave this essential resource of our bodies behind. The body is always expressing itself and it is sometimes easier not to listen to its messages , especially when the discomfort is too much . 


I love to support my clients to shift their historic conditioned patterns so they can lean into and discover spaces they never knew were there and empower them to learn to be kinder to themselves.


Since experiencing Scaravelli- Inspired yoga in 1996 , the trajectory of my life changed. I learned to allow life to emerge rather than driving my life from the controlling room ( the mind) and I learned to slow down  thus eventually moving from London in 2005 to Boulder , Colorado where I immersed myself at every opportunity with embodiment teachers who were pioneers in this wo

Nicole is an Unlicensed Psychotherapist , she is certified in Brainspotting ( 2015 ) - She founded the Yoga of Undoing , is a certified End of life Doula and educator, a hospice worker, a certified Circle Talk facilitator and certified in Theory U.