Somatic Coaching

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art and science"- Einstein.

"Somatic " comes from Soma , the Greek word for” Body “-  Somatic Coaching taps into the bodies' 3 billion years of evolutionary wisdom by focusing on and investigating the ever present sensory intelligence that resides in every human body.  This body knowledge is a valuable tool to enhance decision making, inner development and to experience evermore possibility.

We live in a world of information overload where our attention gets dispersed and stays external  keeping us mentally clinging and distracted. This forces us to leave the lived experience of our bodies behind and override any sensory awareness or clear messages that the body is giving us.

When we armour up and build protective layers around us, this influences how we observe and interpret the world around us. Talking to a therapist or to a coach where the tone and felt sense of the body are not included  will limit us to cognitive understanding and miss out on the wealth of resource that lies within the living , emotional body. Information enters the body through our eyes and other senses which transmit signals between the brain and the rest of the body, including our internal organs and that information can be observed and used in a way that can help the client shift to great possibility .

Nicole is interested in freedom , integration and the deep intelligence of the body to heal itself ,in giving the body time to feel more and to think less. To feel more requires patience and non judgement. Giving your body the permission to express itself , to return and respond from its primal nature,instead of its conditioning… without imposition and layering ….  It’s need to know itself- It’s about getting curious about sensation- its about using embodiment practices and body based tools to release tension that is carried in the tissues and to help with decision making-

Nicole uses various tools including Brainspotting ( BSP)  , Embodiment Practices and the Yoga of UnDoing to bring your attention internally and to develop your capacity to hone in, get present , build resilience and take action from listening also to the bodies' experience. .

Brainspotting is a tool that reframes our perception and activates the brain and the bodies' innate healing ability . It accesses information that's located in a part of the brain that can't be accessed verbally producing positive results in a relatively short period of time.  Brainspotting can release and break the cycle of symptoms or issues so they can recede into the past.  BSP can reduce negative and irrational beliefs, greater resilience, improve coping skills and ability to handle stress . Brainspotting is used in improving performance in sports and enhancing creativity for those involved in the creative arts. BSP uses bilateral sound to engage the brain and facilitate processing.

Somatic Coaching  builds bridges between the habits in our thinking brains and our forgotten bodies, bringing us present to our bodies' language , enabling shifts in our psychological , emotional and physical experiences of ourselves and our lives.