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Somatic Coaching

As a potential client I want you to know first and foremost that you are not broken, that you are not a problem that needs to be fixed, and that beating yourself up internally and always making yourself wrong is never a rewarding, long term solution. 

In my welcoming space, we will sit down together to help you to catch your breath,we'll  chit chat and remind you that you are a human and that you are not to blame . We will approach any debilitating traumas that send you so easily into a tailspin with care and kindness . We will attend to and practice                                    repeatedly being in the here and now to help you to build your capacity to                                           manage those strong thoughts and emotions that predictably want to rear their                                     ugly heads over and over again. With tenderness and playfulness you will learn to                                   not be at war with yourself- If you are in couples work with me and your partner,                                   you will both relearn to become allies again, not enemies and practice 

                                 responding to your partner less automatically . We will work towards a way that you can live more harmoniously with each other, improving how you both listen to each other so that you can rediscover a sense of stability ,safety and connection again .

We will at times get curious about what happens in the body, unpacking self protective habits that might be manifested through the body  and explore ways to work with those energies that arise naturally from our systems. 

I am focused on helping you to build resilience and take action from listening to the bodies' experience, wake up it's intelligence and support it to integrate what has not been integrated.

I use various tools including Brainspotting ( BSP),Organic Intelligence@ , Movement and Embodiment Practices to develop your capacity to be present and reflect back to you what is organizing .

​Organic Intelligence® taps into the bodies' 3 billion years of evolutionary wisdom and focuses on and investigates the ever present sensory intelligence that resides in every human body. ( This body knowledge is a valuable tool to enhance decision making and experience evermore possibility).

Brainspotting is a tool that reframes our perception and activates the brain and the bodies' innate healing ability . It accesses information that's located in a part of the brain that can't be accessed verbally producing positive results in a relatively short period of time.  Brainspotting can release and break the cycle of symptoms or issues so they can recede into the past.  BSP can reduce negative and irrational beliefs, build greater resilience, improve coping skills and the ability to handle stress .

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